Pricing Options

Choose the perfect pricing option for your Childs needs.

Semi-Private Online & Onsite

Every Month
  • 1 hour weekly classes with teacher-led instructions.
  • Homework assigned to reinforce concepts.
  • Quizzes every week.
  • Unit exams every 10-12 weeks to expose potential gaps.
  • Up to 3 students in a class.

Ad-Hoc/As Needed

One Time
  • For help with specific problems.
  • Pay only for what is needed.
  • 30 minutes video class.
  • Note: This is a Pre-paid Services


How much does Mathkoach cost?

As explained in the above section, our monthly charges for online and offsite classes is $150 and for Ad-Hoc (a 30 min Video Call) we charge one time $50. 

Is there a refund policy?

As per our policy all payments made to Mathkoach are non-refundable. 

When should I pay the fee? What are the late payment charges?

All payments are made in advance, and additional fee of $10 per week is applicable for all the late payments. 

How to cancel/discontinue Mathkoach classes?

You can cancel your classes by writing to our management at

We require 30 days’ writen notice when parents choose to discontinue classes. 

Still have questions?

Contact our support team for further assistance